Safety Measures in Skydiving: What You Need to Know

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Planning on going skydiving soon? You should check out the safety measures you need to follow while going skydiving.

Skydiving has become quite popular in recent years, especially among individuals who consider themselves to be adrenaline junkies. Like all other extreme sports, skydiving also provides an adrenaline rush and a sense of accomplishment, but it also offers something extra. If you have ever wondered how it feels like to fly, skydiving provides you the opportunity to do just that. It also gives you a bird’s eye view of the world. 

Are you also planning on going skydiving soon? Make sure to follow all the safety measures because, at the end of the day, skydiving is an extreme sport, and there are some risks involved. Following the safety measures will reduce the risk of injury or fatality and enable you to enjoy the experience. Read on to know about safety measures in skydiving.

Do your homework, and don't be afraid to ask questions when you are researching for a travel guide for going skydiving. The company you choose should be focused on your safety and comfort. Once you've selected a reputable dropzone, you can look forward to the thrill of free falling at over 120 mph, safely secured to a certified instructor with a grin a mile wide. 

Safety Measures to be followed while Skydiving 

Be it your first time going skydiving or your tenth time, it is crucial that you know and follow all the required safety measures while skydiving. It will enable you to fully enjoy the experience without worrying about anything. Here are some essential safety measures: 

Research and Choose a Reputable Skydiving Company

When it comes to skydiving, your safety depends on the instructors and equipment, so do some digging to find a highly-rated dropzone. Check reviews on Google to find recommendations for certified instructors and companies that provides the experience of best skydiving in India with a proven safety record.


Once you choose a few reputable places, visit their websites to learn about the experience levels of instructors, and the age and certification of equipment like parachutes, planes, and harnesses. Ensure the company requires all customers go through training to learn proper free fall form and parachute deployment. During your visit, ask for credentials of instructors and records of equipment inspections. It's worth the investment for peace of mind.


The temptation may be there to choose a cheaper company to save some bucks, but your life is on the line. Spending a bit more for an operation with skilled instructors, well-maintained gear, and a flawless safety record is the smartest choice you can make. After all, you only get one shot at your first skydive!

Understand the Medical Restrictions and Health Requirements

Before you strap on that parachute and jump out of a plane, there are some important health and safety things to know.


First, skydiving can be taxing on your body, so you’ll need to be in generally good health. Things like high blood pressure, heart conditions, asthma, or mobility issues may restrict you from jumping. Check with your doctor and the skydiving operator for their guidelines.


You’ll also want to avoid skydiving if you’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Your senses and judgment need to be fully intact. The same goes for if you’re overly tired or haven’t eaten — you’ll want to be properly fueled and well-rested.


Pregnant women are prohibited from skydiving for safety reasons, typically starting from the 4th month of pregnancy. Tandem jumps may be allowed for some women in their 1st trimester, but check with the drop zone.


The maximum weight limit for a tandem skydive is usually 220 to 250 lbs depending on the instructor and equipment. Some drop zones may allow solo jumps for individuals up to a certain weight. Call ahead to verify their requirements.


For your safety and the safety of others, follow all instructions carefully and honestly disclose any medical conditions to your instructor. Skydiving is an extreme thrill, but your health and safety should be the top priority. Take the necessary precautions and you’ll be jumping out of planes in no time!

Follow Safety Protocol During Your Skydive

To ensure you have a safe skydiving experience, follow these important safety tips:


Listen to Your Instructors


The instructors at the skydiving center will give you a thorough briefing before your jump. Pay close attention and follow their guidance closely. They are highly trained and know how to keep you safe. Ask any questions you may have and don’t hesitate to speak up if you feel unsure about anything.


Double Check Your Gear


Make sure your parachute system, harness, and helmet are properly fitted and securely fastened before boarding the plane. Check that your parachute system is packed correctly and that your automatic activation device (AAD) is turned on and functioning properly. Your instructors will inspect your gear as well but double-checking everything yourself provides extra peace of mind.


Stay Calm


It’s normal to feel nervous but do your best to remain as calm and relaxed as possible. Panicking during free fall or parachute deployment can be dangerous. Take deep breaths to keep your adrenaline in check. Your instructors have performed thousands of jumps and will be there to guide you the entire way down. Trust in their experience and training.


Follow Exit Instructions Carefully


When it’s time to jump out of the plane, your instructor will tell you exactly when and how to exit. It’s critical to follow their instructions precisely. Exit too soon or in the wrong way and you risk colliding with the plane or tangled parachute lines. Hesitate too long and you won’t get into the proper free fall position. Listen closely and do exactly as directed for a safe skydiving experience.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know about the safety measures in skydiving, why not start planning a trip to the place that offers the best skydiving in India and cross it off your bucket list? But before you start planning, make sure to thoroughly research the place that is offering skydiving opportunities. If this is your first time, then talk to some experienced skydivers and prepare yourself mentally. Now go book your jump!