Altwood Company: The Essence of Craftsmanship in Modern Living

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In the heart of Atlanta, a passionate craftsmanship revolution unfolds. Meet the Altwood Company - where the traditional charm of wood meets the modern allure of epoxy, where every handcrafted table, desk, or furniture piece tells a unique story.

Honoring the Ancient Art of Woodworking:


Altwood Company is a testament to the deep-rooted heritage of woodworking. Here, every custom-made wood table, whether a walnut dining table or a live edge desk, resonates with the symphony of hours of labor. Forget about the cold touch of CNC routers; the human touch reigns supreme at Altwood, providing unparalleled warmth and personality to each creation.


The Epoxy Revolution:


One of the most sought-after products from Altwood is the epoxy table collection. These include the pristine epoxy river table, epoxy wood table, and epoxy coffee table. Epoxy resin, with its transparent allure, complements the ruggedness of wood, resulting in pieces that are as much a work of art as functional furniture. Whether you're seeking an epoxy dining table for sale or a resin river table for sale, Altwood has a curated collection for every connoisseur.


The Magic of Live Edge:


There's something hauntingly beautiful about a live edge table. Retaining the wood's original shape, a live edge wood table or live edge epoxy table showcases nature in its rawest form. Altwood's custom live edge furniture, including modern live edge dining tables, is not just made; they are sculpted. Whether a live edge desk or live edge table in Atlanta, each piece reflects an intricate dance between artisan and wood.


River Tables: The Modern Marvel:


The river table, often dubbed the 'lake table,' is an iconic representation of the fusion between raw wood and shimmering epoxy resin. Whether you're looking for a river coffee table, an epoxy resin river table, or a custom river table near Atlanta, Altwood offers a variety bound to leave you spellbound.


Customization at Its Best:


From custom tables in Atlanta to custom epoxy tables or live edge desks, Altwood champions the art of bespoke furniture. For those pursuing exclusivity, the options for custom live edge tables or coffee tables are endless.

A Place for Every Wood Enthusiast:


Altwood's collection continues beyond the river tables or the live edge desks. They boast a diverse range, from solid walnut dining tables to resin and custom tables for sale. Each piece echoes a promise – of quality, longevity, and timeless beauty.


More Than Just A Purchase:


Buying from Altwood isn't a mere transaction. It's an experience. It's the joy of bringing home a piece of art. Much like a captivating painting or an intricate sculpture, every epoxy resin coffee table or custom made wood table is an experience waiting to be cherished.

Altwood Company, with its vast array of products, from epoxy dining tables for sale to custom tables, stands as a beacon for wood and epoxy enthusiasts. It is here that passion, craftsmanship, and modern aesthetics blend seamlessly, resulting in masterpieces that are both functional and artistic. Whether you're in the market for a custom table in Atlanta or a river table near you, Altwood is the destination.